1. Dream it. Live it. Share it.

    So I got the opportunity to attend TEDxYouth in Singapore on Saturday, 17 November 2012, and I am so glad I did. With the theme of the event this year being "Dream big.. Then do it", it has really changed my perception of things. My perception of my dreams, especially. 

    All, I repeat, ALL the speakers spoke with so much passion in their voices it’s impossible to not be moved. No words can describe how inspired I was by the end of the day. These are the speakers that have impacted me the most:

    1. Josiah Ng

    This is my favourite quote off Josiah, founder of While You Were Sleeping, and it pretty much sums up his whole speech. Josiah urged the audience to make weird decisions, as it could lead to the right decision. He also adds that "your weirdness is your gift." 

    2. Janice Wong 

    Not only is she the owner of 2am:dessertbar and 2am:lab, she is also the author of her own cookbook, perfectioninimperfection.com. However, don’t be fooled by the term “cookbook”. This is far from your boring old cookbook (no offense to all the other cookbooks in the world!) You will have to check it out for yourself to find out what’s so special about it.

    Janice finds inspiration for her desserts out of everyday things she finds beautiful that others would usually take for granted. Strongly believing that "inspiration can come from everywhere", she shares that she even once found inspiration for her dessert in a rock she found on the beach. Woah. She also reveals that she finds ”beauty in the broken”, that art doesn’t have to be perfect. Her speech has genuinely inspired me to live a more creative life, not hindered by mental boundaries that exist in our own minds. 

    3. Krystal Choo 

    Krystal, the Marketing Director for the non-profit start-up “One-Cent Movement”, is so self-motivated and strong-willed that listening to her speak is enough to motivate me. She spoke with so much confidence that it was so shocking to hear that she was once afraid of interacting with people. As an introvert myself, I am able to relate and I look up to how she has forced herself to break out of her comfort zone.

    She also touched on how these days, we tend to compare ourselves to everyone around us and being pressured to be able to measure up to them. This habit of ours makes us feel inferior and results in us underestimating our own abilities. So. Freakin’. Relatable. 

    She also shares a quote that has made an impact on me: "Weakness is not being able to commit to your own goals" 

    Well, I’m guilty as charged. 

    Note to self: Start setting goals for yourself and learn to commit to them. 

    4. Joanne Kwok

    I feel that Joanne’s speech has made the most impact. This video she directed is worth a thousand words. 

    What’s on both sides of YOUR cardboard?

    Overall, TEDxYouth was an amazing experience. It was a wake up call and I am now more inspired than ever to do something extraordinary with my life. 
    For more, visit their official website! http://www.TEDxYouthSingapore.com
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